Network Infrastructure

We at Conventus understand the ever-increasing demands on network resources for delivering various applications and services, thereby forcing organizations to reduce the network complexity & inefficiencies while ensuring the availability and overall performance is not compromised.

Our Network Solution helps organization to have a network infrastructure which is reliable, secure, scalable and deliver high performance & superior return on investment. This is achieved by bringing together the core networking functions, including Routing, Switching, Access Devices, multi-service gateways & Optimization solutions.

Our solutions are easy to install, simple to use and simple to manage. Yet at the same time, it is sophisticated — offering the latest and greatest technologies with the industries best-practice solutions. Our networking solution seamlessly integrates into multi-vendor networks, thereby enabling customers to have the best-of-the-breed solutions across their enterprise.

Buisness Benefits :
  • Delivery of various services like voice, video and data on a single converged platform.
  • Network Availability for mission-critical business applications.
  • Extending services to branches, campus and remote sites.
  • Reducing operating expenses.
  • Access to information and resources from anywhere in the network.
  • Management of resources from the central location.