Professional Services

Assessment & Analysis

At Conventus, we believe that for a successful working of any solution or an application it requires to have a strong network foundation. In cases where customers need to implement a new application & at the same time wants to keep the existing infrastructure, our technical consultants can help customers by assessing the current state of their network.

Based on the assessment our consultant would then analyze the existing issues or gaps based on the proven methodologies like whether the network is ready for deploying additional services like the voice & video, if not then what additional would be required to cater to the same.

Planning & Designing

At Conventus, we take an array of business factors into consideration when designing your enterprise architecture, including physical constraints, budgetary parameters and operational requirements. Our designs are developed to reduce your downtime as well as your learning curve.

Based on the gap analysis and understanding of the business requirement & its objective, our pre-sale consultant would work upon the requirement to derive an optimized solution. Our vendor independent capability helps us to offer a range of optimized solutions to our customer to choose from.

Whether designing your infrastructure from the ground up, or in parallel with an existing infrastructure, we’ll make sure your architecture is robust, secure, scalable and simple to maintain.