As the network resources like File, Web & Application servers become increasingly centralized at the enterprise data centre, it becomes more challenging for delivering mission critical real-time information to its remote employees, customers, partners on WAN, Internet or through extranet.

Our WAN optimization solution helps customer to accelerate the performance of the applications, reduces branch infrastructure costs, improves IT agility, and simplifies remote data protection.

It helps to solve the following IT challenges:
  • Overcoming poor application performance over the WAN
  • Consolidating branch-office IT infrastructure into data centers while helping ensure near-LAN application performance over the WAN
  • Controlling continuous growth in bandwidth requirements
  • Improving data protection, backup, and replication for remote offices and between data centers
Business Benefits :
  • Cost savings through consolidation of branch-office infrastructure in data centers
  • Increased employee productivity by providing near-LAN performance for all enterprise applications
  • Improved data protection and regulatory compliance by eliminating the need for less secure tape-based backup at remote offices